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Calling a trip to Mount Beauty a winery weekend is probably somewhat misleading. For a start there are thirteen plus cellar doors just between Glenrowan and Mount Beauty, Even spreading the wineries between some coming to Mount Beauty and some returning home is more than most people can comfortably manage for a weekend, even if you stretch it over an extended weekend of three or four days. And then of course there are four wineries at Mount Beauty itself, not to be missed. Three of which have their own cafe.

Winery Plus or Plus Winery

With the great mountain views, the Alpine National Park, Bogong High Plains, fantastic walking and mountain biking trails and a golf course with fabulous alpine views Mount Beauty is not just a great winery destination with extra activities. Mount Beauty is a great outdoor destination, especially in Autumn and Spring with the addition of a great winery opportunity. Most people are coming to Mount Beauty for the mountains, the walking, the biking, the fishing, the golf, the hang gliding and the skiing. There is a great opportunity to get out and be active with these activities in the morning and relax and reward your self at one of the cellar door cafe's in the afternoon. Many visitors come to Mount Beauty for the nature and outdoor activities year after year, some people multiple times per year. The cellar door is a great fall back activity if the weather is not ideal for the outdoor activity you had planned.

Local Wineries

Three of the local wineries range in distance from the Kiewa View accommodation 2km to 4km. It is quite practical and pleasant to cycle to these wineries if you bring your bike with you. The closest of them can be an enjoyable walk. Annapurna the nearest winery cellar door / cafe on Simmons Creek Road is a must visit simply for the stunning location with mountain valley views. And the Tuscan food at Ceccanti should not be missed. See our local wineries page for map and full details.

Cool Climate Winery Tour

There are seventeen winery cellar doors in the 120km between Glenrowan and Mount Beauty, and most are very close to the highway with little deviation required to your route. We are suggesting a possible visit to thirteen wineries which are most conveniently located. The wineries we have highlighted start once you leave the Hume Freeway and are all in the last third of the journey from Melbourne to Mount beauty, ideal for a break in your trip to Mount Beauty. Since this last third of the route to Mount Beauty is the winding sections it pays to be conscious of how much alcohol you consume on your wine tasting stops. The 350km direct trip to Mount Beauty is about 4 hours, so  if you leave early you have ample time during the day for some pleasant and relaxing cellar door stops. Some of the wineries have cafes and enjoyable picnic and BBQ areas. Hopefully you will enjoy what Mount Beauty has to offer and will visit more than once. Ideally you can visit two or three wineries in each direction spread over a number of trips, and later on, return to your favourites. Visitors doing active pursuits such as mountain biking, skiing and walking, are often travelling to and from Mount Beauty of an evening when the cellar doors are closed. However a winery tour is a great stand-by plan if the weather is less than ideal and you decide to leave Mount Beauty earlier in the day. Most of the wineries are open seven days a week, but some of the smaller wineries are only open on the more popular days, Friday to Sunday or Friday to Tuesday. Also occasionally smaller wineries do amalgamate or get taken over. On our winery tour page we have included the websites of the wineries. If you are planning to visit specific wineries we suggest that you check their website as to current opening arrangements and facilities.

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