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A tour of up to thirteen wineries between Glenrowan and Mount Beauty.

For guests travelling from Melbourne and South Australia it is a detour of approximately 20km to visit twelve wineries and will add approximately 40km to visit all thirteen. Unfortunately for residents of Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra this tour route will add about 160km to your trip, so you may settle for visiting the three key wineries at Mount Beauty.

Sellf drive Winery Tour map cool climate wineries North East Victoria Tour Start

If travelling north on the Hume freeway take the first Glenrowan exit if you wish to commence your tour at Baileys Glenrowan. The Glenrowan wineries require the greatest detour from the direct route to Mount Beauty. If you wish to commence your winery tour at Oxley exit the Hume Freeway at the next exit immediately after McDonalds and turn left onto the snow road.

The red route is our recommended convenient easy driving route if you are not visiting the wineries on the way or the Milawa fine foods area. The green line is the diversion to the route for the self drive winery tour.

1. Baileys of GlenrowanPicture picnic area Baileys of Glenrowan

Location map Baileys of Glenrowan wineryTastings and Cellar Door Sales. Picnic and BBQ area. The closest Glenrowan area winery to the Hume Freeway.

Picture tasting room Baileys of Glenrowan wineryWebsite www.baileysofglenrowan.com.au

Total diversion aprox. 20kmMap of Glenrowan area wineries

If you arrive at Glenrowan early in the day then you may have time to visit more wineries in the Glenrowan area. There are another four wineries with cellar door sales in the area. These are even further off the direct route than Baileys. Click on map to right for location. Be careful that you do not leave yourself short and miss out on visiting some of the wineries which are much closer to the direct route. You may schedule these other wineries for a subsequent trip to Mount Beauty.

After you have visited Glenrowan, leave the main township travelling north, and then head east over the Hume Freeway onto the "Snow Road" to Oxley, Milawa and Myrtleford.

2. Miranda Wines Oxley

Photo Miranda Wines cellar door

Right on the Snow Road heading towards Myrtleford. Just after the dog leg to cross the Greta Road, at the Whitfield Road intersection just before the township of Oxley. Cellar Door and Restaurant.

Website: www.sammiranda.com.au


Diversion: 0km

3. Ciavarella Wines Oxley

Photo Ciavarella Wines cellar door

Cellar door Evans Lane Oxley. PH: (03)57273384

Email: ciavwine@netc.net.au

Diversion: 2km.

4. John Gehrig Wines OxleyPhoto John Gehrig Wines Oxley picnic area

Photo John Gehrig cellar door tastingCellar door Gehrig Lane Oxley. Attractive BBQ and picnic area beside the King River.

Website: www.johngehrigwines.com.au

Diversion: 4km

5. Brown Bros Milawa

Photo Brown Bros Milawa winery cellar door, restaurant, picnic area Must visit winery with Cellar Door and Restaurant in the centre of Milawa just behind the shops with attractive spacious picnic grounds.

Website: www.brownbrothers.com.au

Diversion: 1km

6. Woodpark Estate MilawaPhoto cellar door Woodpark Estate cellar doorMap location Woodpark Estate MilawaPhoto Milaea Cheese Factory complex

Cellar door in Factory Road Milawa, adjacent to Cheese Factory shop and restaurant.

Website: www.woodparkwines.com.au

Diversion: 4km

7. Rosehill Estate Milawa

Photo Rosehill Estate Milawa cellar doorCellar Door at 1400 Oxley Flats Road, Milawa (200m from the Milawa Cheese Factory).

Website: www.rosehillestatewines.com.au

Diversion: 4km

Also at Milawa, Milawa Cheese, Milawa Mustard and the Olive Shop

About 7km after Milawa you come to Markwood, there is no speed zone and there are no town buildings. Do not continue straight ahead to Myrtleford. To visit Markwood Estate turn right onto the gravel road for 1km, to go to Gapsted Wines and Mount Beauty turn left to Everton.

8. Markwood Estate Markwood

Markwood Estate wine tastingCellar door Morris Lane, Markwood. PH 03 5727 0361

Website: www.markwoodestate.com

Diversion: 2km

If you have visited Markwood Estate, retrace you route 1km back to the Snow Road, cross the snow Road and head towards Everton. Do not turn right on the Snow Road towards Myrtleford. 

At the T intersection with the Great Alpine Road turn right to Gapsted and Myrtleford.

9. Gapsted WinesPhoto Gapsted winery cafe

Photo Gapsted wineryCellar door and cafe beside the Great Alpine Road at Gapsted, with spectacular views of the Ovens Valley. The winery has an amphitheatre stage for concerts and a regular program of events.

Website: www.gapstedwines.com.au

Diversion: 0km

10. Michelini Wines Myrtleford

Photo Michelini winery cellar doorCellar door on the main street at Myrtleford within the town speed zone.

Website: www.micheliniwines.com.au

Diversion: 0km

The next 80km speed zone after Myrtleford is Ovens. At ovens turn left to go to Mount Beauty via Happy Valley. Do not continue straight ahead to Bright.

Location map Happy Valley wineries

11. Eagle Range Estate Ovens

winemaker Tiziana Ivone Eagle Range Estate OvensCellar door 228 Happy Valley Road.Eagle Range Estate Ovens

Website: www.eaglerangeestate.com.au

Diversion: 0km


12. Souters Vineyard Rosewhite

Cellar door 337 Happy Valley RoadAlan Souter winemakerSouters Vineyard Rosewhite

Website: Souters and Rosewhite vineyards

Diversion: 0km

13. Ceccanti Kiewa Valley Wines Mongans Bridge

Location map Ceccanti Kiewa Valley Wines

Cellar door and cafe. Bay Creel Lane, MongansCeccanti Kiewa Valley wines cellar door Bridge. Follow signs from Kiewa Valley Highway near camping ground just before the road climbs out of the Valley floor. If you pass the Kiewa Valley Christian Centre when travelling towards Mount Beauty, you have missed the turn off. When travelling from Mount Beauty the turnoff is at the bottom of the hill just after the Christian Centre.

Website: www.ceccanti.com.au

Diversion: 5km

From Mongans Bridge it is about 15mins drive to Mount Beauty.

You may choose to treat Ceccanti as a winery to visit on the way to and from Mount Beauty or as one of the local wineries to visit when staying in Mount Beauty.

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