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WOW Now three single track mountain bike parks within 30 km of Mount Beauty
* Big Hill mountain bike park at Mount Beauty itself
* The new Falls Creek trails
* Bright River Runs trails

Victoria is blessed with two great world class natural recreational advantages. One is the extensive and accessible natural cross country skiing areas and the other is the mountain biking opportunities in an undeveloped natural environment.

There are national parks and state forests with great mountain biking opportunities within a few hours reach of most Victorians. Victoria has the climate for comfortable and practical year round mountain biking.

After cross country skiing mountain biking is considered the second best activity to achieve overall fitness levels.

Mountain bike racing may be mainly for the young (although the annual Mitta Mitta to Mount Beauty citizen race is designed for everyone with a reasonable level of fitness). However mountain bike touring offers something for every age. There are trails suitable for riders with only a very moderate level of fitness. In a matter of hours you can ride to spectacular locations that would take days to hike to. The ability to cover more than 50km in a day means that you can visit great off road locations without the need to lug camping and  cooking gear, and three days food and fuel.

Big Hill mountain bike park

The very best of the opportunities are the Alpine areas accessible from Mount Beauty,  sometimes called Australia's Mountain Biking capital. 

Mount Beauty has the fabulous and challenging Big Hill mountain bike park, with a trail head for the 40km + of trails only a convenient few hundred metres from the main shopping centre, cafe's and bakery. There are over a dozen tracks in this compact area on the slopes of Mt Beauty itself, including the nationals and state competition cross-country tracks and the national downhill track. From Kiewa View it is only a few minutes to the trail head. Left out of the driveway and left again into Mountain Avenue, cross Roper Street and left again at the corner of the Golf course into Tawonga Cres. For riders new  the Big Hill mountain bike park the most popular introductory ride is the Survey Track,  left just before the Bogong High Plains Road. Climb up the Survey Track and back down the Pole Track for a 10 km circuit or after the Pole Track veers left after passing under the power lines turn right into one of many single tracks returning to the Big Hill staging area. See thumbnail to left for Survey Track and other mountain bike / walking tracks at Mount Beauty. For the start of all other tracks the start is at the staging area across the Bogong High Plains Road. There is a large trail map at the staging area. Click on thumbnail to right for outline.

The following links have very useful interactive maps to understand and plan your rides on Big Hill mountain bike park.



Falls Creek mountain bike trails

Just 30 km up the Bogong High Plains Rd Falls Creek have built a network of 17 of cross country and downhill  single track trails totaling 41 km. Having the Falls Creek trails so close offers unparallel variety for single track riders staying in Mount Beauty. It is a great cooler alternative on very hot days in summer. Click on thumbnail to right for trail map.

Further a field, the area offers a huge versatility in terrain and views. There are huts to visit, valleys to ride down, mountains and hills to climb, rivers, creeks and aqueducts to follow and cross, and plains to explore. On hot summer days you can head for the High Plains and mountain tops for the cool altitude. Year round the dense lower forests offer protection from the wind and worst of the rain. 

There are easy almost flat tracks from a few kilometers to 40 kilometers. There are tracks requiring medium fitness and intermediate skills. There are some long down hill one way tracks, and strenuous tracks requiring a high skill level.

Some tracks start and finish at Mount Beauty, others start and finish on the high plains, some start and finish part way up the mountain, and yet others start at the top and end at Mount Beauty.

Mount Beauty is an ideal base for an extended mountain biking holiday of up to a couple of weeks with little need to repeat tracks.

While Kiewa View welcome guests for a weekend, we feel the ideal mountain biking visit is 9 days. From Friday night one week to Sunday the next week.


3 or 4 days on the trails at Mount Beauty Big Hill mountain bike park


At least a couple of days on the on the Falls Creek mountain bike park trails.


Across to the Bright River Runs Trail for a day or two, perhaps once during the visit and a good choice for the last day on the way home..


Interspersed with a couple of days mountain biking scenic long distance touring trails like the Fainter Trail


It is an excellent idea to co-ordinate the first or last weekend with one of the Blue Dirt Gravity Shuttle weekends at Falls Creek.

Oops; that does not leave time for a rest day, some road cycling or a day visiting the local wineries, or sightseeing or fishing, or golf. Perhaps nine days would not be enough, you may you need to come back for a second visit to do it all.

It is all there to enjoy. Don't leave without trying it.

Kiewa View 9 Day Mountain Biking Deal

$1120 for 9 nights can easily work out at $21 to $24 per person per night sharing our 3 bedroom house.

For 7 months of the year during our economy season we offer mountain bikers 9 nights from Friday one week to Sunday the next week for only $1120. The offer excludes the snow season and some but not all public and school holidays. If you want to come to Kiewa View for a nine night mountain biking holiday we will bend over backwards to give you a good offer.
1. Three mountain bikers can come for the whole 9 days, and they can get 4 more friends to come up for the two weekends at the beginning and the end. For 5 nights during the week the three have the comfort and convenience of their own room and during the weekend they have a bit of a party atmosphere with their mates. The cost would work out at just over $24 per night each.
2. Three couples share for a mountain biking holiday. Each couple would have their own bedroom. The cost would work out at about $21 per night per person.

Kiewa View 12 night Mountain Biking Deal

$1,410 for 12 nights

Fantastic deal for mountain bikers who are coming from further a field than Melbourne and cannot arrive after work on a Friday night. Drive to Mount Beauty on Sunday, enjoy 11 days of mountain biking and holidaying in the Victorian High Country and return home on Friday the following week. Even with only three bikers for the whole time this works out at less than $40 per night each.

You can check dates available here Quick Reservation List
And you can request the special offer here booking inquiry form

KIEWA VIEW cyclist friendly accommodation


Three bedroom accommodation with three double beds, four single beds and double divan. Good layout for up to ten for cycle training, or cycle touring weekend.


Two toilets and two showers. Great for quick get away in the morning, and to freshen up after the ride.


Full kitchen and spacious lounge. Make your own breakfast and get away as early on Saturday as you wish.


Garage for undercover bicycle storage and maintenance.


Floor bicycle pump provided for convenience.


Bike cleaning facility adjacent to garage.


Undercover parking to load and unload bikes.


Washing machine and dryer. Convenient for road cyclists, essential for the mountain bikers.


Free WiFi Hot Spot. Check latest weather before you leave.


Sun deck with view down Kiewa Valley to drown a few cold ones after the ride.


Outdoor BBQ for own after ride party


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