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Free internet service.

We are providing a basic speed, residential quality, broadband connection suitable for e-mail access and web browsing. This is a free bonus benefit at no charge to guests to enable them to stay contacted to work and friends by e-mail and obtain weather, snow and other information via the web. We cannot guarantee the availability of the service, as it is subject to normal unpredictability of telecommunications, electronics and computers.

A Wi-Fi (wireless hot spot) and one wired LAN access point is available. Access is available from 6 am to 11 pm

Guests will need to bring their own network capable Notebook Computer, PDA, Pocket PC or other device equipped with Network Interface Card.

Guests will receive more specific information regarding connection details at the time of booking. Guests who wish to make a wireless connecting need to request access details at the time of paying the final balance. They will then be emailed the current password key with their balance receipt.

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